If you like being creative af, eating burritos and watching the sunset, then you would probably like me. If you are into sports, giving back to your community and listening to heavy bass music, you would really vibe with me. And if you like cats, wake boarding, and watching Twilight, then you would love me.But for real, my name is Kira Crystal Porter and I have been on earth for 21 years. Currently, I am a senior marketing major at Howard University, and I also play volleyball. I was born in Santa Monica, CA, and I grew up in Lake Tahoe, NV. Most people would probably say that I am goofy, athletic and a free spirit, which is 100% true. But I would describe myself as passionate, imaginative and evolving.

My blog was inspired by my generation and people who I exist with. So if you are interested in YFM and want to keep up with my posts, you can subscribe below or follow my Instagram!

Much love,