Millennials: Making Streetwear Luxury

Today in the fashion world, we are starting to see that more millennials are obsessed with luxury streetwear. Famous models, influencers, athletes and artists, now value a new sense of style that combines street culture and modern luxury. For this entry, designer IsraelYanir, talks about the deeper meaning behind his streetwear label, and how this style took over the fashion industry.

IsraelYanir in Hubane

IsraelYanir (@IsraelYanir) is a young fashion designer and artist, who uses both of these capabilities to create unique streetwear. His overall goal is to inspire people to find their greatest talent and pursues it so that there is more for the world to offer. Hubane was created in 2019 and is managed by IsraelYanir and his team members: Graham (@Graham_Cranshaw) and Sincalir (@J.dckry).

Kira: What cultural aspects among our generation, are inspiration for your fashion label?

Israel: A big part of my inspiration comes from Playboi Carti. I resonate with a lot of his music, and we are both from Atlanta. Playboi Carti was able to create his own lane in music, where he interlocks a lot of different genres of music styles… I am also inspired by Heron Preston and Andy Warhol.

UNC Showcase, January 2020

Kira: I really like your line because it combines both your art and fashion capabilities. It’s obvious that you have a talent for painting and you’re showcasing that through your line.

Israel: Yeah I actually have like 8 Hubane paintings that I’m going to start selling soon. I really want to interlock modern luxury streetwear with art pieces and show the deeper meaning behind the pieces.

Kira: What does Hubane mean?

Israel: I did some research and came across this group from Estonia who has been rejecting to conform to European culture for a long time. I really liked that because there was a whole nation rebelling. After that, I looked up the word “cozy” in Estonian because my brand represents people claiming their authenticity and uniqueness making them comfortable/ cozy and that’s how I got Hubane.

Kira: So when you say “comfortable” are you referring to being comfortable in the clothes physically, or being comfortable in your own skin?

Israel: Basically both. I’m not really styling what’s trendy, I’m comfortable and I’m jacking my OWN style.

Kira: How do you get people to see the value in Hubane?

Israel: People have painted on clothes before, I didn’t create that. But I try to show art pieces within my clothes. Like you could take your hoodie off, put it in a frame, and it would be an art piece. That’s something that I enjoy showcasing.

UNC Showcase, January 2020

Kira: Why do you think so many millennials value luxury streetwear?

Israel: I think they value it because of one person. Virgil Abloh. Streetwear has always been a big thing like Supreme, Bape, The Hundred, and VLONE. But I feel like Virgil really changed the game and brought luxury to streetwear. People who are high in fashion are starting to jack streetwear now because Virgil has brought it to their attention.

Israel: Now with social media, people with clout in fashion are bringing that deconstructive aesthetic look to the forefront.

Kira: If you could collaborate with any other designer, who would you pick?

Israel: I would collaborate with A Cold Wall because they are slept on right now. They have a futuristic vibe to their clothes and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Their pieces look like they are straight out of Star Wars. You should check it out.

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