Millennials: Sex Questions

This entry was inspired by my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day! I wanted to get a man and a woman’s perspective on a few questions in order to learn more about how millennials view sex. Featured in this post is Howard University basketball player, CJ Williams (@_Bean13), and beauty entrepreneur, Etolia Magdalena (@EtoliaMagdalena). See what unfiltered answers these millennials have to say about sex below and give them a follow!

Weirdest place you’ve had sex?

CJ: A treehouse when I was 19 years old. Her parents were coming home in 5 minutes and she had a little brother, so we went into his treehouse and blew up a mattress while her parents were home.

Etolia: I’m not super spontaneous, but I would say in a car by the football field. Car sex is funny because you’re worried about someone seeing you in the window, and the space is small… P.S. If you are in the front seat, you can recline it back all the way so it’s like a flat bed.

How do you feel about telling your partner your body count?

CJ: I feel like you should tell your partner your body count, but you’re not obligated to. Now if this is someone who I’m just talking to and you’re not my girlfriend, then nah I don’t need to tell you that unless I want to.

Etolia: I feel like you should be honest with your partner about your body count, because what you did before your partner doesn’t really matter when you’re talking to someone new… I don’t think you should just tell them randomly, but if they ask you and it’s a long term relationship then you should tell them. If you have hella bodies though, you might want to keep that to yourself or lie.

Favorite sex position?

CJ: From the back!

Etolia: It used to be doggy style, but now it’s the spooning position.

What your favorite part about the other sex’s body?

CJ: I’m an ass man 100%.

Etolia: I like a nice strong back and arms. It’s nice to look at when they are getting ready.

How do you feel about period sex?

CJ: I’ve never done it and I don’t think I could do it. I’ve thought about it before but never done it.

Etolia: I had sex when my period was ending so I wasn’t really bleeding anymore. But I don’t feel comfortable with having sex while on my period. I know some guys like to have period sex in the shower so it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m not even comfortable on my period because of cramps and backaches.

What’s the longest and shortest you’ve lasted during sex?

CJ: The shortest was when I lost my virginity and that was like 3 minutes. My longest was like an hour and fifteen minutes.

Etolia: Shortest was less than a minute, 4 strokes and he was done. The longest was an hour, but I did not enjoy it because I couldn’t feel it. I never talked to him again after that hour.

Lights on or off?

CJ: Gotta have the lights off. But if the light is on, it’s gotta be a colored light to set the mood. My go to color is red. If I know someone is coming over, I will have the light on and my Drake vinyl’s ready to play.

Etolia: It depends on the mood. If your body is snatched, you’ve been eating good, working out, freshly waxed, moisturized, and everything is on 10, then lights on. But if not, then lights off. Plus having the lights off also heightens your senses and makes sex feel 10x more intense because you can’t see shit. I’ve heard that when you take away a sense, it heightens the other ones. So if you can’t see, your sense of touch in more intense.

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