My Beauty Secrets

These are 4 of my biggest beauty secrets that I swear by for skin, brows and eye lashes. Please go ahead and try these because they will save your life. Also, all of these secrets are natural and organic which is dope and they work better than most store bought products I’ve ever tried.

Aloe Vera for Blemishes – My biggest secret of them all is using aloe vera on my skin. Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and it works better than any face cream or spot treatment that I have used before. When I say I use aloe, I mean I buy a plant from the store and literally break off a piece to rub on my face before bed. This has been the closest miracle treatment I have discovered because it cleared up my scars and heals my blemishes overnight. Don’t be scared to apply this shit anywhere because it’s all natural.

Rip off a small piece, cut it open, and apply the gel on your skin.

Hair Gel for Setting Eyebrows – If you have unruly and thick eyebrows like me, then I’m sure you always have to deal with your eyebrows looking crazy or not staying in place. My #1 advice for people who have thick eyebrows, is to use hair gel and a tooth brush to comb out and set your eyebrows. Paying $10 for eyebrow gel is bunk because it’s never strong enough. I use Eco Gel because that’s what I use on my hair, and after I apply it my eyebrows stay fleeked and put all night.

Super cheap and convenient. You can buy at any supermarket.

Pressed Beet Juice for Glowing Skin – I got a juicer last year and started to make myself a lot of fresh pressed juice. But the one vegetable that always makes my skin glowing and healthy is beets. Yeah it doesn’t sound like the yummiest juice ever, but I make mine with lemon and orange to add some more flavor. Beets are high in vitamin c, iron, and are anti-inflammatory, so my skin soaks it all up. If you don’t have a juicer you can always look for packaged juice. Just make sure there are no crazy additives because the more organic it is, the better.

This shit will get you RIGHT.

Vaseline for Moisturizing Eyelashes – I did this every night when I wore make up regularly. But for those of you who want to protect, condition and rehab your eyelashes, swiping Vaseline on them after you remove your makeup and go to bed will help a lot. It basically just hydrates them after wearing mascara to ensure that they are moisturized. Doing this will make your eyelashes look fuller and longer when you put on mascara again the next morning. Any product like Vaseline or Aquaphor would work. I like to use A+D Ointment because its way thicker than anything else and apply it with my finger.

I use this as a substitute for Vaseline because its way thicker.

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