Reflecting on 2019

Here are some of the main areas of my life that I found myself thinking about when reflecting on 2019. I don’t usually evaluate my year or create any goals for the new year, but 2019 was filled with a lot of self-discovery for me so I wanted to reflect in order to start the new year with clear and pure intentions.

  • See all challenges and bad experiences as a learning lesson: Just like me, I know everyone went through some bullshit in 2019 that made you want to sit in your bed and never get out (or maybe it was just me lol)… When I first reflected on 2019 I would say “it was really good and really bad”. But I didn’t like hearing myself say that I had a bad year when really it was just a few bad situations that made me a stronger person. I now like to say that 2019 taught me a lot about myself and made me stronger through the hard times, relationships and adversity that I overcame.
  • Think about what made you happy and how you can recreate that feeling in 2020: 2019 brought many great gifts and opportunities. What pops into my head when I think about my favorite moments is traveling, having a job that I enjoyed, starting a blog, and winning the volleyball championships for the 2019 MEAC conference. Thus, in 2020 I should keep traveling, make it a priority to find a job that I love doing, continue my blog, and keep winning in life hehe. Its that’s simple.
  • Turn regrets into gratitude: I have regrets from this past year and even years before. I am not going to lie, if I could go back and re-do things I would. But everything in life is like a chain reaction. You can’t have the same outcome by changing what came before. You can only learn from your past and change the way you respond to things in the future. And in realizing this I have turned my regrets into gratitude. I am grateful for my regrets because even though I was lost as fuck at times, it helped me find myself.
  • Evaluate the people in your life: Think about the select people in your life that you want to cultivate strong and everlasting relationships with. You should treat these people with the same love and respect that you want from them in 2020, because it is better to have some ride or die homies, than a lot of wishy washy friends. This doesn’t mean you have to cut anyone off, just know who is down for you and create a special bond with the people that are going to take you the farthest in life.
  • Make your dreams and wishes your reality: I think a lot about mastering a new craft or getting back into hobbies that I used to do a lot when I was younger, such as dancing and acting. Now, these things have become more of a dream, rather than something I do now. This year I’ve realized that it is important to listen to your wishes and allow yourself to do whatever it is that you desire. Your dreams are a gateway to your destiny and you only live once, so whatever it is that you have been considering, do that shit.

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