Millennials: Dating Different (Boys Edition)

Kira: I’m gonna talk to you about women.

Sky: I love women.

Sky: I feel like a lot of girls these days just want sex and attention… That’s cool and all but you can’t binge a relationship off of that. When guys don’t have time for you, girls shouldn’t complain about it.

Kira: How do you feel like men have changed the way that they date women compared to past generations.

Sky: I don’t think we have changed much from the past. Men are more similar than people think, we aren’t very versatile so overtime we haven’t changed much. Im not gonna lie.

Kira: Funny!

Sky: On the other hand, women got really innovative on us! Especially after the internet boost. Because the internet exposes everyone to things that are personal or not usually seen in ones everyday life, I have seen 2 trends come out of this: 1) Women have requirements of how they want their partner to be. And 2) They have unrealistic expectations sometimes.

Kira: So do you feel like guys are more or less open to dating apps and websites compared to women?

Sky: Men are probably more open to dating apps because they will hit (have sex with) anything that walks and the internet made that more of a reality.

Kira: That’s true. And one of the biggest emergences on the internet was pornography. That was very much because of men.

Sky: Yeah dating apps, internet porn and social media have caused people to have false expectations about what a relationship should be like. For example, Instagram couples post pictures of them traveling to crazy destinations and they post only the good things about their relationship. Women shouldn’t be fantasizing about this or require their men to be Dora the Explorer who is going to take you all around the world.

Kira: That is interesting because a lot of people in our generation like to just hit it and quit it, slide in your DMs, come over and make the transaction then leave. So I can understand that the internet has created a society where millennials are impatient and want quick love. But besides that, I wouldn’t say that I’m the kind of person who cares about a guy’s money, or what people post on twitter.

Kira: So what’s the difference between girls who are materialistic and girls who aren’t? Is it the way that they’re raised?

Sky: Well that’s the greatest factor to explain a lot of peoples’ personality, the environment that shaped them. And that explains why you are like that. But majority of girls on Howard’s campus do not have the same requirements as you because you are very different from most of them.

Kira: I can understand that. I don’t like to use social media and Im not worried about my image or what I look like, but sometimes when im scrolling on Instagram or pinterest, I do fantasize and have expectations in my head for how I want my relationship to be. I guess I never realized how much social media affects the way we think and again that only perfect lives are usually posted.

Sky: That’s definitely a consequence of social media, it makes us very selfish.

Kira: What’s your ideal date/ where would you take a girl on a first date

Sky: I would get dressed appropriately looking dapper per usual. Then I would go scoop shawty and add a little chivalry to it. The better I serve the woman on the date, the better they will serve me back in return. Then we would go do some fun shit like lazer tag-

Kira: AHHH love.

Sky: Yeah I would take her to like Dave and Busters or some lazer tag, something that is competitive. Then I would take her out for dinner after then end the night with some smokage.

Kira: What’s your policy on paying for a date. Do you think that the gentleman should pay for every date? Or when do you think the woman should pay?

Sky: I’ve had no problem playing for the first couple of dates. But the relationship never escalates if you don’t pay for me. I know my value and I know im a prize, and If im going to invest my time and money in a girl, then she should be able to reciprocate what im giving.

Kira: How do you feel about posting girls on your social media. Some people like to post their boo to make it official/ excusive, some people never post, and some people post everything.

Sky: I’m super against it. I like keeping my private life, private. And unless you are close to me, I feel like you shouldn’t ask about my relationship and what I got going on. That’s inappropriate.

Sky: To me it becomes a problem if one person in the relationship posts a photo and the other partner gets upset and tells them to make it down. If someone wants to post all over, then I should have the right of not wanting to post anything.

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