Life from My Perspective – Part 1

Life as a millennial can be overwhelming sometimes. Social media can cause us to care too much about our appearance, buy products to “fix” our bodies, or make us conform to what society says is beautiful. In this entry, I will be sharing photos that I have taken of other people. I like to photograph others to capture the beauty that they might not see in themselves.

Washington, DC

When I photograph people I like to make sure the photo is symmetrical. If my main subject for the composition is a face, then I want it to be the main focus of the photo. In some of these photos you can see that I will have leaves in front of the subject, which is an easy trick to give the photo more dimension. Also, living in Lake Tahoe is perfect because I can step in my backyard and have the perfect setting for a picture, as you can see in about half of my photos.

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