How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

The emergence of social media has its consequences, and I think the biggest one has been low self-esteem. This happens because millennials are always looking at the lives of others, wishing to be like others, or comparing themselves to other people. Here are some of my suggestions to stop comparing yourself to other people on social media!

Stop obsessing over people on Instagram. A lot of people on Instagram use filters and make themselves look 10x better just for a photo. Even when you think it is a natural photo, it may not be. Also, obsessing over people that look nothing like you is a waste of time. I like to follow other mixed girls who represent what I look like because it makes me proud to be the way I am.

Follow interesting accounts on social media. Stop following people on social media who post photos of their face in hopes of gaining more followers just because they are pretty. Following accounts that put out news updates, motivational quotes or content about a hobby you like, for example photography, is a good way to fill your feed with positive content.


Limit the amount of time that you are on social media. As millennials, we like to surf all different social networks multiple times a day. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Try taking a break from these social networks and make it a habit to use other apps on your phone or find another way to keep you busy. Or just take a break from social media for a while and see how it makes you feel.

Start being thankful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. You are one of a kind and being just like everyone else is whack as fuck.

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