Women Empowerment

I have always thought that beautiful women are the most fascinating beings. We can be vulnerable yet resilient, adoring but independent, and under looked yet motivated. For this entry, I decided to collect quotes from some of my favorite empowering women about what they love most about women.

What do you love most about women?

“Women make up nearly 50% of the united states workforce and education system. This is just evidence that we are on a mission to take over the world. Women are the under dogs.” – Kira Porter

“Our compassion & love. I feel like women are more the most loving and caring out of the sexes because of our ability to bring life into the world.” – Zaira Padilla

“The way we love. It’s unmatched.” –Jayla Myles

“We can be strong and sexy. And we can have children.” –Heather Porter

“The strength and support that we get from and give to each other, and our ability to be both selfish and selfless at the same time. We’re super driven and determined to work hard for ourselves and be successful but still be kind to others and help elevate others at the same time and share in each other’s successes.” –Hannah Laurie

“Women are magic, I think my favorite thing is our connection to mother earth… And our disposition to care about things and other people.” –Mia Severance

“I can’t choose just one thing I love about women. I love everything about us.” -Nina Askew

“Women are the producers of life. Probably the most powerful thing in the world. Women rule the world. They create the world. Build the world. Women are the world.” –Indira Dandrige

“Woman are naturally giving and that is beautiful.” –Niaja Nolan

“Women have the power to shape life, shape ideas, and shape culture.” –Ana Williams

“We are all full of surprises and strengths” –Ronie Cardenas

“Our compassion and natural nurturing nature” – Courtney Dalton

“Our ability to love and care tenderly all while being a boss bitch and achieving goals. Also we be pretty as fuck!” –Sami Lampe

“Our nurturing characteristics and selective adaption. Also our bodies do some WILD shit!” –Jurnee Farrell

“Women are extraordinary creatures and there would be no world without them” –Tamar Wells

“I think the way that each woman expresses their beauty in such a unique way is the most bad ass thing ever.” -Mia Bibolet

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