Millennials: Adaptive Diets

Diets such as vegan, paleo, keto or whatever you name it are becoming more and more popular for millennials these days. For this entry, I wanted to collab with another Howard blogger who uses his platform to explore food of all different diets.

Marcus Hall (@Marseatss) is a food blogger who shares photos and words about local eats in Washington, DC. Over just 3 short months, he has gained 1,000 followers who follow his posts, share yummy food and support his blog. Marcus hopes to use his blog to support and share more food businsses with millennials.

Behind the scenes photo of @marseatss during our interview

Kira: How do you think millennials diets have changed compared to generations in the past?

Marcus: I think millennials are starting to care more about what they eat. I think it slowly started by our families encouraging their kids not to eat pork. And now it has turned into going meatless or vegan. Our generation is buying into these new diets, especially with new documentaries that are coming out.

Kira: Yeah there’s a lot of documentaries about the meat industry, about the dairy industry and how they are exposing how cruel the workers are to animals. There is “Super Sized” which is about the fast food industry. Because of these, a lot of people including me have changed their diets in protest of animal cruelty.

Kira: Becoming vegan and eating healthier has also become kind of a trend. But the only downside to this is that organic healthy food is really expensive. In some ways it’s an opportunity for businesses to make more money.

Marcus: We are a generation that is quick to change and adapt. More people have been introducing good vegan recipes, and with social media millennials are more susceptible to try these recipes because we are seeing them all over and we are sharing them with our friends.

Marcus: Hopefully our diets are becoming more plant based for health reasons and not because people are doing it for the gram.

Kira: What is your diet?

Vegan chicken nuggets, vegan burger, and vegan pumpkin pie milkshake from Hip City Veg

Marcus: I eat everything. But I have become more health conscious and I try to eat vegan twice week.

Kira: What inspired that?

Marcus: Just having friends who eat vegan, I realized that I can’t take them to any random food spot. So that encouraged me to open my eyes and give different diets a chance, and I realized that vegan food can be really good.

Kira: What is something that you look for when youre trying to decide where to eat?

Marcus: The first thing I determine is my diet. For example, am I looking for red meat, white meat or vegan food? And then after I eliminate options it just depends on what type of food sounds good.

Kira: Are your parents on any strict diet?

Marcus: No my parents eat everything and they eat very traditional. But my mom doesn’t believe in getting a lack of protein if you don’t eat meat and all of those stereotypes.

Kira: Yeah that’s a major topic too… Going vegan isn’t going to inhibit us from getting the protein or the nutrients that we need, but what I have experienced is that when I eat more plant based, I just get hungry more often because I am not filling myself up with heavy meats and protein. It can be hard to find subsitutes that fill you up.

Marcus: Yeah I feel that. When I was playing basketball I always knew that It would be hard to eat vegan because they are constantly trying to feed us meat.

Hip City Veg in Washington DC

Kira: Exactly. When i started playing volleyball at Howard I decided not to be vegan anymore and I started integrating more white meat and fish in my diet because the cafeteria didn’t have enough food to support my diet. When you play sports in college you have to eat a lot of food.

Marcus: The cool thing about our generation though, is when we see food on Instagram, we think it looks so good and sometimes we can’t even tell that it’s vegan.

Kira: Which can be very ironic beause a lot of people do not care to eat healthier or change their diet.

Marcus: I encourage people to just trying new foods. It’s going to be better than what you think and that is how I got here.

Kira: Facts it only took me a week of trying to go vegan to open my eyes to the beneifts of eating healthier.

Social media has allowed more content about healthy food to be shared throughout our community. Millennials love to share pictures, resturaunts and recipes of their favorite foods, which has inspired more and more people to explore healthy eating. Now restaurants are more likely to have healthy subsitutues for their food.

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