My Favorite Phone Free Hobbies

Whether you like to or not, it is very important for us as millennials to step away from our phones, laptops and TVs every once in a while. Too much consumption of these things can become toxic and it pulls us away from hobbies that let us express ourselves and feel our best. In this entry I wanted to list my top 4 favorite pass times to do when I don’t want to be on my damn phone.

1. Painting

Being artistic is one of my favorite outlets and I consider myself a creative at heart. For me, painting is a way to relax and alleviate any stress that has been building up from school, sports or social life. When I’m painting I like to listen to a music album, drink a beer and forget about all of my problems (and it seriously works hehe). The mediums I paint with the most are water color and acrylic, and I like to use both mediums on the same piece sometimes to give more dimension to my work. To buy my painting supplies I usually go to a Blick Art Materials store and pick up whatever I need.

This is the piece I have been working on recently. I like to add more when I feel like it.
2. Reading

It can be hard to find time to read books for fun when you’re in college because usually any free time that I have is devoted to reading my text books. However, when I have time right before bed is usually when I like to read a couple chapters of a book I am reading at the time. Right now I am reading “The Way of the Wizard” by Deepak Chopra, which enfolds Hindu wisdom within the tale of King Arthur and Merlyn the wizard… Spiritually enlightening books make up most of my personal library.

I was referred by my best friend to read this book
3. Cooking

A new hobby that I have rediscovered is cooking! The first year that I moved into a dorm with a kitchen was when I realized how bad I was at cooking, but it has become a learning process that is really frustrating and fun at the same time. Recently I have been obsessed with cooking anything with shrimp… Cajun shrimp over rice, shrimp tacos, and shrimp pasta are some dishes that I make the most. One sauté sauce that I have been using a lot with my shrimp is the Maya Kaimal Goan Coconut Indian Simmer Sauce. It tastes amazing with any kind of meat and it’s vegan.

This shit is next level yummy
4. Knitting

I used to knit a lot during my first year of college in the winter time, but I stopped when the weather got warmer because I would only knit scarves and headbands. I’m going to start knitting again now that the weather is getting cold, but I don’t know how to do any designs other than a square or a rectangle (LOL)… Knitting is a good hobby to have because it keeps your hands busy and forces you to focus on something other than your phone or laptop. I also liked making headbands because I was able to send them to my friends and family, and it always feels good to give someone a gift.

This is a headband that I made hehe

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