Millennials: Efficient, Not Lazy

One of the biggest stereotypes about Millennials is that we are lazy… I beg to differ. In this entrey, I explain 5 reasons about how our generation should be called efficient instead of lazy.

1. Music

Not much is needed to be said about why millennials live more efficiently with music these days. No more CD players, no more disks, and now we don’t even have to deal with headphone cords! Instead we can download music directly to our cell phones with software like Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify, we have bluetooth speakers, and most importantly AirPods. Nuff said there.

Captured by Kira Porter in summer of 2018 of Snuffy

2. Grocery Shopping

Yes it is true that some people enjoy going to the grocery store and browsing food options while thinking about the delicious meals they plan to make. But it is also true that going to the store can be a mission. Therefore, millennials have started to take advantage of services that delivery groceries right to your door. That way we don’t have to worry about lugging around groceries and we can still take care of other responsibilities while waiting for our groceries to arrive. Services like Safeway Delivery, Instacart and Hello Fresh are some popular examples.

3. Working from Home

Millennials are known for changing the norm in the workplace. For example, we desire making money in other ways than just going to an office from 9-5. Some millennials might also be working from 9-5 AND working from home on their free time to make more money, which is most definitely not lazy. Working from home for my generation might look like starting a blog or YouTube channel, or working remotely for an existing business with responsibilities such as data collecting, project management or as a sales rep.

4. Education

With new Apple watches, smart phones and computers, millennials have found sneaky ways to cheat on homework and tests, but these machines have also made learning easier. Instead of having to go check out a book at the library, we can utilize the internet to find endless information on a subject or topic. In addition, these devices also make it easier to access books in case a text book is too heavy to carry, you left your text book in your dorm room, or maybe the PDF version of your textbook is free or significantly cheaper than a brand new one.

Kira Porter in summer of 2018

5. News

One thing that I have noticed about millennials in comparison to past generations, is that we don’t watch the news on TV. Our parents of course love to turn on the 7am news and hear about politics, social injustice and updates in their community… But millennials on the other hand let the news come to us. Social media is a major source for hearing about relevant updates, as well as news notifications from apps on our phones.

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