Millennials: Open and Honest

By now we know that millennials are unlike any other generation. But one thing that sets us apart from past decades is our topic of discussion. Mental health, sex, politics and relationship are conversation starters that are becoming more normal. In entry #6, Kofi and I will be talking about why it is that millennials have become a vulnerable generation.

Kofi Young (@bykd_) is an art junky with a wide range of talents from fashion design, photography, videography and more. What makes him perfect for this topic is his unfiltered opinion when it comes to everything. Kofi sees himself as honest and open and uses these skills to cultivate genuine relationships with people in his life. He hopes that in the future everyone can become more intelligent in everything that they do.

Kira: Sooooo why do you think millennials are so open to talking about personal issues in their lives?

Kofi: I would say it is mainly because of social media. We grew up in an era where you can broadcast everything and I believe that every generation feels like they are less obligated to prove themselves to past generations. Millennials just want to live life their own way.

Kofi: With that being said, we are more inclined to be open about personal things because sometimes millennials are told to “keep things to yourself” or “keep your life more private”.

Kira: So what topics do you think our generation are the most open about?

Captured by Kira Porter at Daycation in spring of 2019

Kofi: Honestly bro, everything. Twitter has a search bar where you can search for a word on Twitter and there will be at least 100 tweets of people talking about the topic. But on a regular basis, I would say that we talk about things that are fed to us from the media. When the media streamlines information on a Monday morning you get updates from the entertainment world, sports world, and more. Then millennials feel like they have to give their opinion on these topics as well.

Kofi: We are stuck in this cycle of fake giving a fuck, and real giving a fuck. Its almost like a masquerade of information being shared back and forth.

Kira: So do you think people overshare to get attention, or to have an outlet? I feel like people can be crying out for help on social media or they can just be looking for someone to relate to their post.

Kofi: That is the one thing I haven’t figured out because who am I to say why someone else is posting. Especially when it is someone that I don’t know well.

Kira: Well are you the kind of person who is going to wake up on a rainy day and be like well I’m feeling sad now. Then post on your social media “feeling blue”.

PlayBoi Carti taken by Kofi Young at Trillectro in September of 2018

Kofi: No, but I’m no better than the person who did and I am not going to judge someone for posting that.

Kira: That’s true. It also just depends on who you are. Some people are more comfortable with posting personal things on social media versus talking about it in conversation. But whether someone is being open through technology or face to face, millennials have broken down these walls of keeping everything to themselves.

Kofi: And that is up the induvial person’s perspective. If they (millennials) feel like posting on social media helps them communicate better, then more power to you. Fucking wars are started over the wrong words being said. Our president posts on twitter every day!

Kira: So do you think there is a difference between past generations in why they weren’t as open as we are? Maybe in the past, people wanted others to think that they had it all together. But with millennials, sometimes people portray better versions of what their life is like, but they also give insights to real problems like mental health, depression, sex, relationships and more.

Kira: Better question, do you think your parents try to hide their personal issues?

Kofi: For sure. Only because everyone was brought up different. If you were raised to express yourself, then I am sure you’re a very expressive person now.

Captured by Kofi Young at Howard University in September of 2019

Kira: This sounds a lot like our generation though. Like it has become more normal to be expressive and that’s how a lot of us are. Now with social media, everyone is sharing the good, the bad and the evil.

Kofi: Millennials need to understand that being honest is healthy. But when someone is being completely open they should pay attention to the way that they are trying to convey their message, who their audience is, what the intention is and understand the platform you’re sharing on. Once you press send on your message, you’re giving everyone the ability to dissect it, opinionate it, make it negative, positive, and take it elsewhere.

Millennials have created a society where being self-expressive is normal and accepted. We tend to share the best moments of our lives, but also the worst moments with anyone and everyone… Be careful what you share with others, because once it is in the universe, it is there forever.

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